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Martial arts training in Surrey & Hampshire

Welcome to our well established adult martial arts club. If you are looking for somewhere to learn something new and extremely useful then look no further! You are never too old or inexperienced to give it a go with a complimentary FREE taster session.


Training with us provides an ideal opportunity for parents & mid-teens to build a stronger relationship through martial arts and we have several father/daughter combinations training with us.


Formed in 1988, the Bujinkan Honryu Dōjō provides a high level of instruction (from beginners to advanced) in traditional Japanese martial arts (Koryū Budō 古流武道) and have been running classes in the area since 1996.

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Martial Arts For Adults

We offer evening classes several times a week so getting to class is really easy. We study striking, kicking, locking and weapons training.  A well rounded martial arts experience.

Martial Arts at RHUL

Hosted by Royal Holloway University in Egham, Surrey. Classes offer the same content as the adult martial arts syllabus.

Self Defence Classes

We offer self defence and awareness courses for both 15 - 18 years and University Students. We are currently the supplier of choice to several local educational bodies.